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National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a significant change made by the federal government in the way disability supports have been traditionally funded. The NDIS is not just a funding vehicle, it is a means to promote inclusion, capacity building and accessibility in the broader community.

The scheme was designed to provide people living with a disability meaningful choice and control over the services that they access to assist them achieve their goals and live a good life in their community.

The NDIS was launched in some areas of Australia in 2013 and will roll out to all areas by 2020. It will progressively replace the existing disability arrangements in the states and territories participating in the NDIS and the Commonwealth.

What does the NDIS offer you?

  • Choice and control over your supports; including equipment, therapy, and services
  • Information and assistance to make informed choices and decisions
  • Funding that allows your support to change as your life and needs change
  • Early intervention to minimise the impact of your disability
  • The opportunity to participate fully in your community

The EPICentre and the NDIS

As an approved NDIS provider of Therapeutic Supports in Tasmania, The EPICentre delivers a range of high quality counselling services to NDIS participants.

We are committed to go the extra distance and continue to strive to do even better by the people we support through flexible individualised service delivery underpinned by our steadfast belief that you will:

  • Not have to fit with us… whenever possible, we fit with you;
  • Have a say about what matters to you … we listen;
  • Be treated as a valued individual … we focus on your strengths and possibilities; and
  • Have human needs, not service needs… we think holistically and look to the future.

We are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the services you want (choice) within the time frame you specify (control) and in the way you want (flexibility).

Throughout the process you are in full control of what supports you receive; when, where, how and by whom you receive them. You are encouraged to choose the mix of arrangements that best suits you and your family.

We listen to what it is that you want to achieve right now and into the future, and then we work in partnership with you to make it happen.
To find out more about starting your EPICentre NDIS journey, click here.

Why choose The EPICentre NDIS?

Our Reputation
The EPICentre is a leading Tasmanian provider of counselling services in Tasmania.

We are a wholly owned Tasmanian business, having been in operation since 2006.

When you choose The EPICentre, you can have peace of mind that you are choosing an organisation with an unwavering commitment and proven track record in providing counselling services that make a real difference to the lives of people and those close to them.

The EPICentre is dedicated to assisting more people and continuing to advocate for the disability sector and importantly for the individuals supported through it.

Our Experience
As a leading provider of counselling services for sixteen years working with individuals, couples, families, adolescents, workplaces and groups, counsellors at The EPICentre have a proven track record helping people from all parts of society.

Our commitment to you
When you work with The EPICentre you will:

  • Know what is coming and understand what can be expected
  • Make choices, set goals and have control
  • Be afforded dignity, respect and privacy
  • Have access to accurate information and support to make informed decisions and explore their abilities and interest
  • Control who is involved throughout your journey
  • Have choices to be in and “of” your community, participate in life – long learning and develop skills
  • Be encouraged and empowered to focus on your strengths and potential; and consider suitable support to create your own life and achieve your goals

Our reach
We deliver services across Southern Tasmania.

We are able to attend your home for an initial assessment, or you can attend our rooms in New Town or Hobart CBD, or we can call to discuss your needs further with a counsellor.

Our quality
Our impressive track record in delivering high quality services is underpinned by our systems that ensure transparency and accountability, coupled with our commitment to continuous improvement.

We actively seek feedback from our valued clients and their carers and use this feedback to design our services and identify areas we can further improve what we do.

Making A Complaint

If at any point during the service provided to you by one or more of The EPICentre team has not been to your satisfaction or inappropriate,
you have a right to address your complaint internally with a senior staff member at The EPICentre.
To do this call us at (03) 6228 5535

If this process does not meet your expectations and resolve the complaint, you have a right to take the complaint further with the NDIS Commission.
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You can also make a complaint to the Australian Counselling Association (ACA).
Counsellors at the EPICentre maintain yearly registration with the ACA.
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Contact Us

We are committed to working with you to make your goals a reality and help you create the life you want.
Phone us on (03) 6228 5535 to start your NDIS journey today.