Client Confidentiality

The EPICentre offers you all the confidentiality which the law allows. In some cases, such as when there is an immediate threat to a person’s safety, or when there is knowledge of current child abuse, the law requires these matters to be reported.

Counsellors and mediators are deemed by the law to be mandatory reporters. The EPICentre adopts a team approach to counselling and mediation cases, so your counsellor may discuss your case with colleagues to design new strategies to assist you. Cases may also be discussed with our external supervisors. Identifying information will not be disclosed.

Darren and Jeanette are Level 4 members of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) who have a Code of Ethics and Practice for counsellors. Copies are available on request. Jeanette is also  a Practitioner Member of the Mediation Institute. If you wish to make a formal complaint, then it must be in writing to the ACA for counselling, and the Mediation Institute for mediation.

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