Client Complaints Policy And Procedure

Policy Overview

Client complaints will be taken seriously and assistance, direction and attention given by the Practice Partnership at all points of the complaint’s process.
Client emotional, psychological and physical safety is of utmost importance to the Practice Partnership and feed back whether positive or negative is welcomed.
It is anticipated that most complaints received by the Practice Partnership will revolve around:

  • The client practitioner relationship
  • Behaviour of a practitioner
  • Quality of service
  • Procedural issues or inadequacies

All complaints will be dealt with in a timely manner, in most cases on the spot with the practitioner directly and with less than one week for a response to written complaints.

Complaints Procedure

Clients may make a complaint verbally, in written form, both electronic and postal.
Clients will be encouraged to take up the issue in the first instance with their counsellor. Failing a satisfactory resolution, and given that the Practice Partnership is owned and managed by two practitioners, the next step would be to engage the services of an outside organisation for dispute resolution, or for the client to make a complaint to an appropriate outside organisation, as listed below.
Clients will be made aware of avenues for making a complaint as well as methods and processes for making a complaint, as well as information to access external organisations should resolution not be attained internally. This information will be passed on to clients initially both verbally and in written form through the Practice Partnership website, and via their practitioner.

Appropriate outside organisations that clients could access and obtain information about from the Practice Partnership are as follows:

  • The Commonwealth Ombudsman
  • The Australian Counselling Association (ACA)
  • The Tasmanian Office of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading
  • Mediation Institute

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